Q: What is a "Montage Video?”

A: These are the types of films that Forestland is best known for. It is a video that is about 4-8 minutes in length and is a highlight of your entire wedding day. These films are unique to each couple and have that creative touch that Forestland strives for in every film. The film also comes with a track that Forestland will buy the rights for, along with any special audio we capture from the day (ex:love letters, vows, speech...).  Each track is chosen by Forestland because the song plays an important part in the overall creative value of each film.

Q: What is a "Love Story?”

A: Simply put a love story is a way for you guys to add an extra component to your video package. The love story is what a photographer might call an "engagement session". It's a chance to capture moments of just the two of you. Something that can be personal and intimate. A cinematic way to highlight your love through video. 


Q: What is a "Ceremony Video?”

A: A ceremony video is separate from your montage video. It is a video of your entire ceremony. We will set up multiple cameras to get different angles and also run audio to make sure we provide the best overall end product. The length of each video ultimately depends on the length of your ceremony. This video will come on the custom USB drive along with your montage video.



Q: How much is your non-refundable retainer?

A: Our retainer is 25% of your package total. The retainer lets us know that you are committed to us and we are committed to you. The retainer will go down as a payment toward your package total.

Q: How much in advance should I book?

A: As long as we have the availability you can book as late you want. Ideally a six month advance would be great, but we also understand that sometimes that can't happen. 

Q: How customizable are your packages?

A: We offer three packages options that you can then build from. So say you wanted our first package but wanted to add a full ceremony video...we are more than happy to add those pieces to make sure the end package fits your needs.

Q: Why can't I choose whatever song for my video?

A: Due to strict copyright laws we do not have the ability to use any song for your video. We do use certain websites that give us the ability to purchase rights but more than likely it won't be something you heard on the radio. The song does play a super important part in the creative feel of your video, so we take a lot of time and effort in choosing a track that adds all the feels we are hoping you get from watching your film.

Q: How long does it take to get my film back?

A: Because we are so meticulous in looking through each clip from the day, adding all the right audio pieces and color grading your entire film...it can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to get your film back.